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National Nurse Testers

This TestExpress resource is being provided to link the individual elements necessary to create a successful employee drug testing program. All of our TestExpress customers are invited to request detailed information on Nurse testers available in their area. This a wonderful resource for multiple locations & Do it yourself programs too.

"Nurse-Testers" for Onsite Drug Testing at your place of business or remote location(s). Whether you have one office or multiple locations across the US, TestExpress can help in its Nurse Assist Program by referring you to available Nurse Testers in your area to assist you with your drug testkits.

Also, conversely, Nurse Testers can register their services with TestExpress; to be contacted in the future regarding drug testing programs in their area. In this way we can all work together to our mutual benefit. We also have a new program for Nurse Testers to help Sell our Drug Testkits to Companies/Employers in their areas.

So, if you would like to enjoy the benefits of becoming a part of our National Nurse Testers, please follow the appropriate link below. Our flowchart demonstrates how our nurses will simplify the drug testing process and prove beneficial to your company.

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National Nurse Testers

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