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White Paper/Article on Lab Tests vs. Onsite Instant Drug Tests by F. Ford Beach, Jr.
OnSite Drug Testkits with Instant Results vs. Lab Drug Testing by F. Ford Beach, Jr. /CEO, National Program White Paper.
OnSite Drug Testkits with Instant Results vs. Lab Drug Testing by F. Ford Beach, Jr. /CEO, National Program Director. Memphis, TN

Summary: Pre-employment Drug testing of applicants with OnSite testkits vs. using a Laboratory and eliminating the clinic/collection site, by using an instant-results drug testkit, for do-it-yourself

  • TestExpress,Inc. www.TestExpressInc.com is a National Vendor for OnSite Drug Testkits which allow the end-user to do their own Drug Testing Programs rather than having to utilize a laboratory and send employees out tot a Clinic for the Drug Screen.. Most Companies today do drug test their employees for substance abuse drug testing, but what about the ones who use the "instant-results" testkits do they have an edge over the Company's who use laboratory's and a clinic that the employee has to report to, via an appointment, and scheduling. We feel they do have an edge, and by using our "OnSite Drug TestKits" they can interview, test, and hire all in the same day, without allowing that applicant to go down the street, and get a job that same day with somebody else. If you used a Lab, and had to wait on Lab-Test Results, well then the applicant could just go down the street, and get a job with another company, or agency that does use our Onsite Drug TestKits. Since most all companies do test, and then any of them that test with our TestKits get to hire the applicant right away immediately, without any need to wait, specifically if the test is "negative" on our test.

The key to the scenario above as it relates to a lot of companies is just that, they have to send the Applicant/Employee to a "Medical-Clinic" for the drug test-specimen collection, but why?, When today the HR Manager has the opportunity to utilize the advance of the exact same test-methodology that labs use, right at their Office Location, and usually with no mess, and no fuss, all with instant results in 2-3 minutes flat! The consequence is thus, the employee gets to stay at the job location, the drug test is performed on-site, and results are shown immediately usually within 2-3 minutes, and no longer than 8-minutes. This gives both the employer, and the applicant employee immediate decision-making in that person's employment at the same time of application. On the other hand if an applicant is offered a job that the company sends out to Clinic for a Lab Drug-Test, then well, not only is the time inherent in the person for the lab to do the test, person's ability to get the job, he/she has to wait a.) appointment to get the specimen collected b.) For the lab to do the test, c.) Lab to send in the results to the Company in reporting those results. With an instant results on-site, drug testkit, that company has the ability to access the results right there on-the-spot! There is no lag time, no result reporting, and no waiting for any lengthy Laboratory Testing and lab results since our results are instant.

The other "Key-Issue" in onsite drug testing for employees, security, and safety reasons, is ["Costs"] Not only are the drug testkits we sell are cheaper, than an actual lab drug test, the result in lost time away form the job can be measured too, via accounting of the missed time, for that employee, and for the company as a whole, so if you access data on all employees, their actual drug-testing costs, time from doing the test, and time from when they actually were able to report back to work, will give that company's CFO/Controller a true analysis of the total costs, saved from using a Laboratory in Drug Testing. The most obvious cots savings is in SGA cost reductions, which should be relevant in that these testkits are almost in all cases 50% cheaper than an actual Lab Drug Test, per test run. Most Labs might argue that personnel that administer the test are being used for their time and cost, but they are already in that capacity anyway, as their job description calls for HR Managers to be screening the applicants/employees of a company it hires. In other words, any actual labor performed by those personnel, would be doing other screening activities anyway, and therefore should not be counted as part of the true labor costs, or the total Drug-Screening Program. So if the drug test performed "On-Site" costs only $12.50 for our standard 5-panel drug screen vs. Say $40.00 for a Laboratory Drug-Test, with a Clinic collecting the urine specimen, which is $15.00 for specimen-collection, and $25.00 for the actual drug test; then with our "OnSite Drug TestKits" at $12.50 would significantly reduce the total cost of drug screening in any organization, at any level of screening for substance abuse, and illegal drug use within a company. By using our instant results testkits suddenly companies have the means to have a "Drug-Free" Workplace, without all the added costs of having to use a Lab, clinics, scheduling appointments for drug screens, and/or having to wait on any negative or positive results. If a company has 1,000 employees, and tests quarterly at $40.00 per test, and then they are spending $40,000 per quarter, if they used our testkits, they would only be spending $1,250.00 a savings of $27,500 per Quarter! That's a total cost savings of over $110,000.00 per annum, per 1,000 employees tested in drug screening. Any company to immediately reduce their costs in hiring, or SGA costs for say 2,000 employees would then be saving over $220,000+ dollars per annum by using our Onsite Drug-TestKits vs. Using a Lab Drug Test.

Company's looking to slash some red-ink on their P & L's could easily do this just by scrutinizing their drug screening, employee hiring practices, and by using our drug testkits on-site, rather than using a lab drug test. By company's implementing a drug free workplace the benefits are many identifying those that do use illegal-drugs, and those that don't, which any company should NOT want to be [identified] by criminal activities of their employees, whether they do this off-campus, and off-the-clock, it doesn't matter, the fact remains, if your employees are using illegal drugs, that's it, they are illegal, and criminal. The action may be termed an addiction, or looked at as common-place for marijuana (THC), as not that big of a deal, but nonetheless, you are just saying to the world that you condone the acts of those employees that use the illegal drugs and are condoning criminal activities by allowing those positive employees to continue, and stay employed. If you do that, well then, you are just having a time-bomb as anything can happen by them committing criminal act. If any of those "positive-employees" whether on the clock or not; does something while impaired and on drugs and commits any criminal act or felony, especially if they are on-the-clock, you as the Employer will have to face the consequences, i.e. anything the drug-user did, that might've caused any harm, an accident, or any Criminal Activity, such as a burglary, robbery, any car-accidents, or any other index crime that would reflect on your Company, or Firm's reputation. If anything, all companies should enact at least one of our simple OnSite Drug test program, with 100% Zero Tolerance, no matter how many employees they have, and test them at random. It is your company, you own it, you made it, and you should be able to control what an employee does while they are on your property, working for you under your roof, particularly when you are responsible for them and responsible for their activities while they are on-the-clock. If they do drugs off the clock, and you condone that, then well, they are doing criminal activities off-the-clock, but while still employed at your company and a direct reflection of your company and its reputation. The fact that any company does drug testing makes a statement to the community in which it's located and to its employees, that we want a drug-free community. With 100% testing in all companies in a community, they would have less crime, and less criminal acts committed, in this author's opinion. We hope you consider our "On-Site" Drug TestKits and look forward to assisting you with any questions on OnSite Drug Testing vs. Lab Testing, or any referrals. We can be reached at www.TestExpressInc.com and 1-800-665-9279, or Local (901)888-7008 to place any orders, send company letterhead with your inquiry. Thank you, and good luck.

My other Articles are based on implementation of a Drug Testing Program, and Policy Guidelines, coming soon.